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Pest Control in Wakefield.

Wakefield Pest Controllers are a professional, friendly, local, family run business who are go to people for pest advice and low cost pest control issues for over 40 years. 

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We specialise in various forms of domestic and commercial pest control, bird control, bug control, vermin control and insect control in Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

Over the years we’ve tackled all kinds of pest control problems and infestations in Wakefield over a broad spectrum of industries and businesses, from Prisons and NHS Trust Buildings to Schools and small local businesses.

Most of our work comes from either existing clients, customer referrals or word of mouth. This is due to the fact that we go out of our way to keep our customers happy with our work so you will use us again and refer us to your friends and colleagues. We offer multiple infestation treatments for the eradication of pests who have made their home in your home or business.

We are especially pleased to have established a first class reputation for providing a specialised, professional first class service that fills all your pest control in Wakefield requirements.

Our services: –

There is not a lot of things in the pest control world that we cannot help you with. We have listed below just a few of the most common services we can provide and the issues these pests can cause in the home. However, if your problem is not there it dose not mean we cannot help its just something we don’t see very often. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the help and advice you need to rid your pest problem for good.

Rats and mice: –

Rats and mice are one of the more common problems we can help with. Rats and mice are common in the United Kingdom in fact you are never more that six feet away from a rat. Rats and mice can enter your property for many reasons. Food and shelter been the main two. We understand these un welcomed visitors need to be removed quickly and efficiently as can cause expensive damage to electrical wires and plumbing services in your home if left un attended to for too long. As well as removing the problem from your home we also aim to find the way that they got in in the first place to prevent future reoccurrences. Best practice to prevent rats and mice from entering your home is to ensure all food is wrapped and stored in air tight containers and also no food is left out overnight. Another good prevention is to ensure all holes and gaps around pipes are suitably filled using a filler that will not be easily gnawed by these fury pests.

Wasps Nests: –

Its pretty obvious the dangers of a wasp’s nest in the home. However, in this section we will tell you a danger most people are un aware of. Wasps like to nest when the weather is hot and humidity is high, and attic is the perfect place for a wasp’s nest. Wasps can enter your home in many different ways. The most common is through an airbrick which is there to allow your home to breathe and prevent damp. Wasps will nest in the summer months in your home, the main danger with this is if there disturbed. It has been reported that a untrained man tried a DIY fix to remove a wasps nest from his home. Sadly, as he administered the treatment the wasps from the nest became aggravated and thousands of wasps swarmed from within the nest and stung the man so severely he later lost his life in hospital. This is by no means that by one sting you could lose your life unless allergic, it is just simple here to inform you of the dangers of wasps in large numbers. If you have a wasp’s nest in your home you would like to be removed is all ways best to call the professionals in to safely remove the nest and again attempt to prevent future occurrences.

Fleas, Bugs, Ticks, and Beetles: –

Again a very common occurrence in the homes of the united kingdom. Fleas, bugs, ticks and beetles can be brought into the home many ways, most commonly is pets. Pets can catch these little critters from there day to day walks and bring them back to your home. Most people treat the pests on there pet but then don’t treat the rest of the home where the pests may have spread to. Fleas, beetles, ticks and bugs can live in carpets, rugs and even your bed mattress for weeks. Resulting in your pet catching them again and you becoming covered in tiny itchy bites. If you recently treated your pet for fleas, and they have caught them again it may be worth giving us a call to remove the pests from your home as this will then make treating your pet much easier.

Birds nests: –

Another common occurrence we see is birds nesting in the roof space of your home. Birds like to nest in roof spaces as there warm and dry. We can remove bird’s nests from your home and rid you of this pest in a efficient timely manner.

We hope you managed to find some use out of the above information. Remember if you don’t see your problem we still can help! There are thousands of different problems that pests can cause and if we were to list each one it would be a very long website. We appreciate the fact most of our customers don’t like the idea of pests in their home which is why we only use un marked vehicles to ensure a discreet service is provided. Why not give us a call today ad rid yourself from pests once and for all? Don’t forget we also have got over forty years’ experience serving Wakefield and surrounding areas, removing all manners of pests from Yorkshire homes.

We will beat any “like for like” quotation offering a 100% guarantee on all our work.